What People Are Saying:

Ololade is an exceptional designer with a keen eye for current trends. I had the pleasure of employing her to create a fashion collection targeted at a very specialized part of the market. I found her to be passionately adaptable and very skilled at translating trends to suit our market — finding the right feeling for our demographic and maximizing our customer base. She was a pleasure to work with, both in leading the project and taking direction. She honored all deadlines and practiced the utmost professionalism throughout. It would be a pleasure to work with her again.

~Shannon Hanna | Sourcing & Product Developer | Itchy Feet Productions, LLC


Ololade takes a professional approach to her work and displayed qualities needed to complete collections successfully. Her delivery of the technical information needed for sample development was efficient, detailed and well-organized. It was a pleasure for me and my staff to work with her.

~Ricardo Leite | Founder & CEO | Rival Shoe Design, Ltd


Ololade is absolutely passionate about her work and it shows in every aspect of the products that she creates. Meticulous yet very creative, Ololade has the ability to make her design come to life with every detail accounted for. With a strong sense of responsibility and accountability, she multi – tasks the various duties of designing, sourcing and producing a collection.

~Anne Sung | Footwear Line-builder, Designer | Vince Camuto Group


It was a great experience to work with Ololade as a Line Builder and Shoe Designer, she is very smart and creative on shoe details as well as beautiful handbags. I have learned many things from her from the years working together. I certainly recommend her to any shoe brand in need a good designer to grow their business.

~Ernani Oliveira | Shoe Agent | Export, LLC