Sustainable Bone Beads, Creativity and Empowerment

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Kenyan bone bead Chevron design

I stumbled into the world of beads a couple of years ago and have been digging deeper since then. The more I dig the more I learn, their story. As I learn their story, I learn my story. As I work with them, using them in my designs I gain more clarity and further cultivate my creative expression.

My first love in the bead world has been the Kenyan bone bead. My initial attraction was physical, of course 😉
The contrast of ivory against dark brown, the juxtaposed colors together creating striking graphic designs full of impact struck a chord within me!
I was taken back to the day I first discovered Acoma Pueblo tribe pottery while in Santa Fe, NM. The pottery designs were so intricate, each line with a deeper meaning, together telling a story unique to individual families. Everywhere I saw them I instantly had such a strong attraction to them, I actually felt a spark of inspiration within me. I wondered if the same were true of the designs my first love are adorned with. As I dug deeper I realized my love’s story wasn’t within each design line, rather in the creation of them.

The bone beads are sustainable designs created from byproduct of food production. And, the actual transformation of them from waste into works of art by Kenyan artisans directly helped to economically sustain their families livelihood through the selling of them. This creative process* is one of resourcefulness, innovation and resilience in its rawest form. From a lack and a need, birthed an empowering solution. This resonated within me greatly.

The discovery of this further grounded my belief that creativity is an innate quality within each and every Being, whether we are aware of it or not. The choice is left to the individual to tap into it and allow it to further evolve them, or keep it dormant. Our art is the expression of our authentic creative voice which we are capable of using to empower ourselves and those around us.

As I continue to create and build my brand of OCOdesigns tribal statement jewelry, it is my desire for others to hopefully experience the transcendent energy of empowerment.

*check back for my blog entry detailing the creative process, it is quite interesting


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